Having traveled the sacred path of ascension and embodying my own Divine Self, I am here to guide you on your own journey of transcendence. I stand in service to my own Higher Self as a conduit and embodiment for her wisdom and mastery.

My Higher Self is the Lady Ascended Master Lain’ai (Lay-Nay) Mele’ha (Mey-Ley-Ha) Ana. She is on the Omega (feminine) aspect of the First Ray of God’s Will and Power.  Master Lain’ai is a Master teacher from Lemurian times. She is a Master of humility within the First Ray.  She can be a demanding teacher as she demonstrates divine power and authority. She teaches the mastery of aligning with Divine Will and Power. She holds the archetypal energies of the quintessential Goddess/Divine Feminine and is a part of the Rose lineage of the Divine Mother. She can help you learn how to move from a lower notion of human attachment based love to divine unconditional love and how to balance the masculine and feminine polarity energies within you. She also teaches about sacred relationships and the pathway of soulmate/twin flame union, which she calls the Path of the Beloved. With her Beloved twin flame, they hold energy and healing for those souls on the high soulmate/twin flame journey to sacred union.




To begin your ascension journey with me, purchase your initial ASCENSION READING. In this live session we will discuss your own ascension process and I will tell you where you are on the initiate’s path.






What are the levels of initiation?

On this pathway created by the Ascended Masters, there are 9 total levels of ascension initiation possible in our earthly journey. A ninth level initiate would look like Jesus, walking on water and turning water into wine. They have mastered matter and form by returning into the oneness of their fully actualized Christic Being. The level of initiation is not a subjective idea. It is based on the condition and structure of you energy body. There are different transformations that occur with each level of initiation which is what indicates the initiation has been passed. Serious initiates in this time of ascension generally reach the 7th level in a lifetime and a few the 8th. 9th level avatars are extremely rare. I passed my 8th level initiation in 2022, after almost 5 years of mastery testing and higher-self integration teaching.


Many of the souls in the collective are still at the 1st or 2nd level of initiation. However, anyone led and guided to this page has come very close to or has already passed the 3rd initiation which means you have already paid back 51% of you karma and are invited to complete your ascension journey in this lifetime via the oversight and guidance of the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Elohim and other divine beings in service to humanity. When a soul is ready to accelerate into their final ascension process they often seek and find a guide to assist them. Those at the 1st and 2nd level generally are not ready to complete their ascension journey with total focus at this time.



Once you have your initial Ascension Reading, I will know how to format your ascension mentorship to fit your level of initiation. Remember, ascension is a very personal journey. You are the one on the ascension path as an initiate. I am here with my Higher Self as a guide and teacher to help you understand what the path requires and best practices. There are also many, many questions initiates have as they travel this path and begin to ascend into their lightbodies and unity consciousness. It can be a great comfort to have a guide by your side to assist with this often bewildering and otherworldly experience. I am honored and humbled to be of service to you and thank you for taking on this monumental process. As you ascend you assist the entire collective and Earth to move forward towards a 5th Dimensional New Earth.




I offer a full range of distance healings to support your ascension journey. These high frequency energy healings will accelerate your progress and help you to clear your energy bodies and balance your energy.

About My Distance Healing Services

How does multidimensional healing work exactly?  Everything is vibrational. In science class you learned that what appears as matter is actually made of mostly space and a few vibrating particles assembled as atoms and molecules. When we ascend our energy field through conscious ascension we are able to merge with our Higher Master Self and to connect to higher dimensional realms and light beings who are able to rewrite the codes for how these particles vibrate and excite them to higher frequencies that cause a reorganisation and reharmonizing, which we would call “healing”.

High frequency multidimensional sound and light are powerful “re-programming” vehicles to provide direct instructions to the particles to behave in different ways. Because of my personal ascension process and unification with my own Higher Master Self, and my training and work with the Masters, and the Archangels, I have activated my “Lightbody” and significantly raised my “light quotient” or the frequency of vibrational light in my energy field. It is a rule of the universe that a higher vibrating field can affect and change a lower one. This means that with your permission I can assist you in connecting with the Higher Master and Angelic Realms to make changes and accelerate your field while you are on your own path and working towards raising your own light frequency.

All dis-ease in the body, emotions and mind begins as disharmony and blockages in one of the multiple layers of the energy field.


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