Water Temple

Water Temple at the Rose Heart Temple Mystery School is dedicated to education, initiation, advocacy and guardianship of our inner and planetary sacred waters.

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Mother Mary has always stood as a guardian of the planetary sacred waters.

She now urges us to restore our deeper understanding of the primordial relationship we have with water and calls forward the lineage of water protectors, guardians and priestesses. In her recent channeled message via Elaine Marie Rose she states,

“Your mistreatment of the sacred waters on your planet reflects your separation from life. When you understand what water is, you will understand and mirror your own divinity.Your core pathway back to harmonic symbiosis with life is via your relationship to and with water. This is your pathway home. When you once again are in reverence of the sacredness and infinite capacities of the holy waters, you will find yourselves again. When you begin to understand what water is and relearn the ancient arts of living in harmony with this infinite creative intelligence, you will restore your planet to its divine template. As you mirror your understanding to water, so will water mirror the perfected bio-geometry of life within your cells. This is how humanity will return to the divine matrix of Creation.” 

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