Magdalene Venus Transmissions

Healing the Wounds of Love

In this series you will receive seven prerecorded channeled transmissions. This will alchemically ignite your inner work to new heights to clear your deepest barriers to love.

Tapping into the Mother Codes and Magdalene Force, these shamanic transmissions contain holy words, language of light and sacred sound to unearth, reflect, reveal and clear the most hidden love wounds and barriers to attracting a powerful sacred union.
On the journey you will be scoured deeply, clearing away layer after layer of conscious and unconscious fear, hatred, rage, disappointment and pain you hold towards the masculine energy.

This ancient collective field is held as an incredibly powerful force within the ancestral wounding of all souls.

Some of it we are aware of, much of it we are not.

These transmissions were recorded in alignment with the powerful energy portal of the July 22 Mary Magdalene Feast Day and its alignment with the immense Venus Retrograde 40 day period beginning the same day. It was the perfect time to open this portal of healing.

You can enter into the energy of the transmissions at any time as they are timeless.

They are given as a catalyst and gift from the higher Sophia Wisdom realms of light to cleanse the collective divine feminine of her most profound and often hidden wounding and blocks to the heart.

The heart can only be purified when drenched in the flame of Divine Love.

This sacred burning cleanses the heart to truly blaze with pure divine unconditional love.

If you are ready to call in a Beloved or if you are in a current relationship that is not meeting your hopes for sacred union use this work to raise yourself into a higher octave of light and sacred love.

Or if you want to do the work to increase your own sovereignty, wholeness and healing as a divine feminine, open to receive this channeled healing energy from the Sophia Wisdom and the Magdalene Force.

The transmissions contain the Rose Codes of Sacred Union to clear your inner being and wash away what holds you back from vibrationally aligning with sacred union within and without.

You will know if the call is yours beloveds…❤️


You will receive the transmissions within 24 to 48 hours after registration via the email on your payment account. Please note if you would like to use a different email in your payment notes.

a payment plan is available. Email me directly for this option. [email protected]

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