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Dive into the ancient Goddess mysteries of the The Rose Path of the Beloved, the long-hidden feminine path of sacred relationship as a means to spiritual awakening. This book reveals some astounding revelations about the lost mysteries of the Goddess around sacred sexuality and delivers a new template for humanity’s evolution centered around raising our sexual, emotional and relational intelligence and maturity.

In this book

  • Explore the original purpose and template of human evolution
  • Learn about the ancient lineage and mysteries of the Rose
  • Understand the lost and hidden wisdom traditions of the Divine Feminine
  • Reveal how humanity’s unconscious, ancestrally inherited immaturity around sexuality has led to some devastating consequences
  • Discover how humanity found itself at this unprecedented stage in its evolutionary journey
  • Uncover the ancient secrets of ascension and the sacred heart
  • Create the needed link between spirituality and sacred sexuality
  • Reveal the mysteries of hieros gamos, sacred marriage and the Rose Codes
  • Learn the divinely intended higher-uses of sexual energy
  • Learn about your twin flame and soulmate
  • Explore the powerful alchemy of relational healing
  • Learn to dissolve distortions of false-love and uncover your true nature as pure, loving divine essence.
  • Learn how to raise your vibrational frequency to attract or build a sacred union partnership
  • Master the Seven Sacred Sacraments of sacred union practice
  • Receive channeled messages from Ascended Masters, Mother Isis and Mary Magdalene about the sacred union codes

Our human experience is relational at its core and our highest levels of maturity are derived from our ability to navigate our connection to self and others from a state of wholeness rather than lack. When humanity evolves its sexual, emotional and relational intelligence this will form the basis not only for romantic partnership but for all other forms of relational interconnectedness.

This is the next step on our evolutionary pathway. When we each take the journey to restore our inherent divinity and wholeness it becomes the foundation that we build the New Earth upon as we co-create new partnerships, families, and communities that ultimately lead to a global civilization of loving and peaceful interdependent connectedness.

Now is the time to restore the Sacred Union Codes. Mature divine feminine and divine masculine energy will restore the balance of life and birth the New Earth into a renewed reality of interdependent and harmonic connectedness.

Sacred Union is the foundation of peace on Earth.

Don’t miss this great step forward in our awareness of the human experience as relational at its core. In this book the Divine Mother has returned to restore the wisdom of balance and to reveal the core of Her creation as Divine Love.






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