It can be difficult to navigate our humanness and our divinity simultaneously. Ultimately our goal when living a finite human life knowing we are infinite divine beings is to find a balance. By placing one foot in each realm we can learn to walk in the highest potentials of each. This is a big part of the experience our soul longs to gain as it traverses its path of evolution lifetime after lifetime.

One of the areas where we find much difficulty keeping this balance is in the arena of love. While we walk within the illusion of separation consciousness we believe we are separate from other life and from each other. In this illusion it is extremely challenging to find true union with another.

The purpose of our experience in separation consciousness is to experience our inherent oneness within All That Is as a separated individual. As our consciousness becomes limited when we enter third dimensional form, we can no longer see the delicate webbing that threads all life intricately together. We can no longer see the perfection within each spark of consciousness as it was created as a divine template that would take a journey of evolution away from and back to its inherent perfect image and likeness as Source itself. This spark is you of course, Source itself, but you are playing the forgetting game.

In this state of separation we cannot actually experience the power of Divine Love. Divine Love is not an emotion. It is not a sentimental affinity for this over that, a preference if you will. In a state of consciousness re-aligned with Divine Love, re-aligned because in truth we never are anything but this, we know without doubt that this force is the very power of creation sustaining and expanding itself.

In our limited state of separation consciousness we confuse Divine Love for conditional affinity. This affinity for this one and not that one is based on affectionate or sentimental bonding that has strings, expectations, contracts, attachment or co-dependency as its core components. The power of Divine Love never binds that which it nourishes, cherishes or sustains.

Conditional affinity becomes a dance of expectation and control over the ones we profess to love.

In fear that we might lose the object of our affection and the security and emotional comfort we receive, often our control comes wrapped in the subtle disguise of approval, affection and nurturing. I will love you and nourish and protect you, but you must change, or meet my conditions, or give me certain things in return, in order to receive this life-giving sustenance. Believing as we do in separation consciousness in the illusion that love is in short supply, we cling to our “beloved” and unconsciously agree to the often unspoken conditions and control. If we look closely with honesty we may also observe ourselves as the creator and vehement controller of these energetic cages.

When we hold these sorts of contracts in place energetically we let a part of ourselves wither and even die in order to maintain them. We unwittingly agree to a certain contractual way of being “together” that feels pretty good and then become static. If the feel good changes the affinity dies a slow or fast death. In worst cases co-dependency forms and staying together in unhappiness is safer than the unknown subconscious fear we hold that believes, “I must have unhappy, yet familiar safety with you or I will die.” This is the core fear based distortion.

The soul cannot breathe in such a deadened, static state. And love is not love when it binds or limits. This is in fact the very antithesis of love, fear. To keep our fear in check all must appear to remain unchanging so we can control our life and surroundings. We believe that we can avoid chaos and pain by controlling, sorting and conditioning others into some form of mutually agreed upon conformity.

This is not love. And it is the greatest confusion when in a state of separation.

Here’s to learning to love as a radical act of freedom.


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Elaine Marie Rose





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