And why is it more important now more than ever before?

Our lives have a deep purpose. The soul comes into embodiment for a reason. Nothing about our being in a body is random. But the world that we have lived within for so long has disconnected us from this core soul purpose. 

What is the purpose of our embodiment? 

The evolution of our consciousness. 

And how do we evolve our consciousness? 

By having experiences, noting the results and then choosing to have different ones. This is how we restore our wisdom. 

When we come into embodiment from the multi-dimensional part of self we know how the universal laws work, we know who we are, and we know how to effortlessly “BE” who we are. 

When we enter the realm of duality and separation we come into a state of amnesia. We do not know the universal laws or how to align with them, we forget who and what we are, and we forget how to be “us”. 

To be “us” means expressing our true divine nature.

In our state of amnesia we lose all the reference points of Creation and are guided by a different and far more limited sense of self that was constructed out of a paradigm of fear, survival and wounding as its motive for being. 

We get very different results in our life when this part of self drives our thoughts, actions and emotions. But with our amnesia, we don’t even realize this part of self is false. We can’t even see the other parts of self. 

This is the journey of duality. To forget who and what we are and to have experiences that will eventually guide us back to our inner truth, wholeness and remembering. 

The reasons for being in this planetary state of separation consciousness are complex and very old. In the most simple terms, there was a very gradual fall in consciousness of the collective of humanity until we found ourselves operating in this separation consciousness matrix of fear, competition, enslavement, pain and survival. So here we are. But we are on the brink of something new. I will call the old fear paradigm, 3rd dimensional (3D) and refer to the new one as 5th dimensional (5D). 

So let’s return back to my original question. 

What is ascension and why is it more important now more than ever? 

Because the timeline for duality has ended. We are out of time for this experience. And to transcend beyond it we must go through this process of ascension. This is how we restore our connection back to who we truly are and why we are here. 

Ascension is the divine science of reconnecting our disconnected parts of self so we once again know universal laws, know who we are, and can “BE” who we truly are. It is a process of “Ascending” your consciousness and your body from a state of 3D separation consciousness into one that is 5D or unity consciousness based. 

In unity consciousness you remember who you are and you remember that you are connected intimately to all the other parts of creation that exist beyond what our five limited senses and lower minds can reveal to us. What we see in a 3D world is only material reality and the fear of survival in that cruel and harsh reality. In a 5D one, we understand and remember the entire web of life and fear does not exist. 

You are an emanation of Divine Source. But you have forgotten. You are a holy man or holy woman, or holy child, but you have forgotten this. 

Does that mean we are all priestesses and priests, or monks or nuns. No, being a holy man or woman has nothing to do with joining a religious or spiritual organization. To be “holy” means to be WHOLE. And I call the process of ascension, QUANTUM WHOLING. 

And why is this method to restore our wholeness important now more than ever before? 

Because the condition of separation consciousness has existed for a very long time on this planet. Much longer than our very short and inaccurate history books would tell us. But now is the time of collective ascension. The entire planet and all souls upon it are ascending. Where in the past the soul had a choice about the timing of its evolution and could experience duality and separation for as long as it wanted, now the planetary collective and the Source of Creation have deemed Earth no longer available for separation experiences. That timeline has ended on Earth. 

We are ascending, you are ascending, whether you realize it or not. When you embodied at this time you knew that beforehand. A soul still has a choice to leave Earth and continue evolution somewhere else in a separation paradigm, but not here on Earth. So it’s time for us to wake up. It’s time to reclaim our birthright as an inherent part of the All That Is. It is time to get serious about our own personal ascension process. 

How do we ascend? Well let’s begin.

 The Four Sacred Freedom Practices

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