The old ways are dissolving

It was difficult for you to imagine a new way could be possible. But now you see the opening. The very real possibility of creating a new way of life. 

Previously you could only fathom your future based on the old paradigm of creating. Now you are getting a glimpse of the void of new potential; of new ways of doing things, new ways of coming together, new ways of living together, and the creation of new infrastructure that is based in the harmonic of bioenergetic life.

The Feminine Forces of Creation are being streamed to restore balance. They are awakening and resurging. This calmness, this quieting of the rapid overly masculine world is being stilled.

To begin learning this new Feminine Way you must be still. You must be very still so you can pick up the frequencies that are now all around you. They are saturating your energy field. Let this vibrational data enter you. Absorb these new frequencies. This data your mind cannot decipher.  Your feminine intuitive knowing centers can, whether you are man or woman. You must learn a new way, a new way of knowing, a new way of learning, a new way of listening, a new way of seeing and of feeling. 

For many eons as the distorted masculine has been out of balance, you have developed the rational mind as your sole way of knowing and this method is deeply limiting to you. You have the capabilities to know many things beyond what the rational mind and your five senses can report to you.

But it will take practice and trust to open to this data flow of wisdom from the cosmic intelligence fields that surround you. There is nowhere that this divine matrix is not. You are it and it is you. The distortion frequencies that have led you to believe you are apart from this field of intelligence are no longer valid or effective unless you allow them to influence you. You now have a choice. They can no longer keep you locked out of the macrocosm. You are a microcosm of this macrocosm. You are one with it. You have been in an illusion of separation for a long time that divorced you from this field of knowing. 

Now is the time for reunion. The Feminine Creative Forces are here to restore balance and harmony. The proper establishment of the Divine Masculine and Feminine Forces working in harmony as creation was intended. But to make this scared union with the universal intelligence once again, you must open yourself. You must surrender, for your doubtful material mind and your limited five senses will not be able to interpret this field. They are like two totally different radio frequencies. One cannot hear the other.

You must go beyond these limitations of hearing and knowing. Learn who you are by listening. Open and listen very carefully, very quietly and you will find this place of knowing and of self. You have always belonged to it, but have been apart, or appeared to be apart. The realms of creation are opening to you once again. You have much to learn.

Begin your awakening with stillness. Tune in.  

The New Earth is dawning all around you.

Blessings to us all

Elaine Marie Rose via Lain’ai Mele’ha Ana my Higher Self, an Ancient Elder of Mu


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