Why do so many of Mother Nature’s creatures, big and small, sing?

They seem to sing just because that’s what they are designed to do.

Why do birds, crickets and other singing creatures carry an ongoing tune? 


They are singing the songs of creation into the music of the spheres.

This is how we maintain the form of a creational realm. 

Whale song has been studied by many curious intellectual minds to seek to understand what the biological purpose of these sonic soundings mean for the survival of the species. The limitation in these studies is that they assume animal consciousness to be lesser than human and limited to the purpose of survival and propagation of the species. This is a limitation of imagination and connection to higher realms of consciousness inherent in all material based sciences. 

Cetaceans are multidimensional beings of the highest order. They have the same level of consciousness as an awakened human when they develop it in their own ways of obtaining spiritual enlightenment. Ways that we cannot see or understand through human understanding. There are many cosmic masters present on this planet in cetacean bodies. Not only humpback whales, but dolphins and other cetacean species. They are not originally a species from Gaia. They are incarnated here by galactic gateway entry, much like many starseed souls from other star nations wearing human bodies. 

As such the songs of the cetaceans, especially speaking of the humpback whale, are the records of creation. Each generation sings the songs of Gaia’s story to the next and adds the new chapters as they unfold. In this way the bioenergetic quantum data of our entire Earthly akashic record is present vibrationally in each whale song.

Wow! That’s quite a cosmic library! 

They are phenomenal ancient record keepers. 

And to return to our earlier question, why do they keep singing the song? Why sing it over and over? 

Because each time they sing it, they reimprint the Earth grids with the memory of the destined evolutionary path Earth was meant to develop towards when first crafted by the enlightened founder races. These founder races created and seeded Gaia Terra, our dear Earth as we call her today. These Elohim, these ancient creators, are the weavers of the divine plan at its highest divine ordering and are the original architects of this sacred creation destiny and its unfolding.

Cetaceans, as beings of high multidimensional frequency, have played a hugely important role in supporting this divine plan. They have remained present on Earth as humanity fell into its deepest epoch of darkness and polarity. They are here to hold the frequency of divine truth, to hold the divine matrix steady while humanity cannot do it for itself. To remember the truth as the veil of artificial intelligence and the false mental matrix covered our eyes in ignorance. 


They stay and continue singing to continue to weave the fabric of heaven and earth together as one unified field, even as humanity shatters and fragments it to the point that these divine elders were recently hunted to extinction. Their extinction would have heralded the greatest shame of the human race. But they are still here, and our budding consciousness as equal high dimensional beings remembering our divine covenant to life is slowly gaining momentum. 

The cetaceans in all their forms are our fellow co-creators. When you encounter one please bow down in the reverence they deserve in a deep Namaste. Talk to them, ask them questions.

Wow, do they have a great story to tell you!

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Blessed Be

Elaine Marie Rose

Cetacean Fan Extraordinaire






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