Enjoy this excerpt from my biographical chapter in Modern Ascension: Stories of High Initiates, a compilation of stories from personal ascension journeys sponsored by the ascended masters ascension portal in New Zealand and the Ascending Initiates. Coming on 2019!

“All spiritual traditions seem to have the same clue when people begin seeking; Look within. What a surprise for me to even begin to unravel the multitude of levels of this within realm. I faced the daunting task of examining each shady morsel of the fear-based, conditioned self and its motives and habits and blind spots, and journeyed towards the deep dismemberment of these conditions. I experienced feeling my Godself move within me, like the feeling we have when our child first flutters within our womb. I could feel her move energy throughout my entire body like a tidal wave. I experienced actually meeting this Godself in moments when she would appear as a vision and talk with me without saying a word, and I adjusted to having this Godself live inside my own flesh as a presence and a knowing and an explosion of love in my sacred heart.

We are complex beings, multilayered, multidimensional, so vast, so ineffably vast. I have not even scratched the surface to exploring what else lives inside me. The entire cosmos and all of creation lives inside me. I could not possibly explore it all in any small human lifetime.”

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Blessings and Joy

Elaine Marie

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