Jealousy is about control. It is like an ugly ogre that appears from the darkness to hang its foul energy over others like a threatening bully. When we are possessive, attached, or jealous of something or someone we render ourselves powerless and fill ourselves with the vibration of selfishness and victimhood. This victim state of mind says others will always hurt me and cannot be trusted.  The creations of our mind are powerful and if we continue to hold the victim belief vibration it will become our reality and manifest in our life again and again as a cycle of self-fulfilling prophecy.

Possessiveness and jealousy attest to our belief in lack and scarcity, which is an illusion created from the perspective of a separation consciousness in a state of belief that there is not enough for everyone, and that some must remain in a a state of scarcity and not-havingness. It is rooted in unworthiness.

We hunger for more love, more attention, more pleasure, more validation, but no matter how much we get we remain unfulfilled. We become a hungry ghost that gobbles and gobbles but the hunger is never satiated because we seek to be filled with energy from sources finite, fragmented and incomplete, rather than from our own inner Source connection which is infinite.

When we seek to possess someone or something and keep it bound up for ourselves, we deny it to others. This hoarding behaviour comes from a place of fear and narcissistic control that forces life to conform to meet our own selfish and childish needs. It appears in our energy field as an ogre-like chartreuse green. It is not very pretty.

In a state of jealousy the ego is in a state of tantrum as we seek to have our wounds fed, to be treated as a spoiled child, and to be enabled to remain in a state of pure self-centeredness.

No one or no thing belongs to us. Even when we make a contract with another, we must hold these energetic agreements without a sense of control. If there needs to be a change in the contract, we must release and let go without bitterness and anger. Unconditional love vibrates as freedom, not conditional control.

The antidote to jealousy is All-Accomplishing Wisdom. The Dhyani Buddha Amoghasiddhi holds the energetic to dissolve this spiritual poison from our field. The Amoghasiddhi Mantra can help us to clear this spiritual poison from our life.

First set an intention to surrender to and let go of your jealousy, even it it feels difficult to let go of. The mind tends to want to magnetize it back to us and clench it tightly. Work by repeating the mantra Om Amoghasiddhi Ah 33 times. Repeat this cycle until you have cleared the jealousy from your field and no longer feel the sticky energies of jealous entanglement in your vibration.

Blessings on your journey!,

Elaine Marie


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