We have arrived.

It’s Magic time. 

The world as we knew it will never be the same. With this great global pause, we have arrived into a new 5th dimensional reality structure. As the fear and chaos of the pandemic begins to recede and we move back into our external lives, we will not be returning to “normal”. Everything is different. In truth what was “normal” anyway?  For most it was a predetermined, numb and complacent reality that made automated daily tasks and obligations the guideposts of our lives rather than the new and fresh and deep heart’s desire. 

How often did you have to hold back what you were really feeling in order to meet your constantly growing list of obligations, tasks, to do’s  and duties in life? Is life meant to be just a never ending to do list? Not even close. 

So let’s start again. 

The energetic stage has been reset. When you step back into life, you have the opportunity to step into a new reality of your making. The new way forward is the inner way. The way of checking in each day and throughout the day with how you are feeling, what you are really needing and what seems to hold your interest. Your true inner interest, not a distracted interest that is hand fed to you on social media and television. Not the old prefabricated reality that was a mind-numbing maze of distractions that kept you moving in a way that was not coming from your own inner knowing and power. That reality is over. The old 3D paradigm has officially been “turned off.” Even though you will still see its old structures and paradigms around you, know it is your choice to simply drop them and move in another direction. It is your choice to put your attention on where your feelings and heart and intuition are leading you and discover a world of new potential and possibilities. 


It will not operate the same way the old dead world did. It will not be driven from fear and survival as its core impetus. The new way will be built moment by moment from our heart’s-knowing as our built in guidance system. It is not predictable! It unfolds in the now, and it will be full of surprises if you can let go of the need to know and to control the outcome and can learn to surrender to this new potential of energy that has engulfed the planet and you! 

Welcome to 5D. We made it. We did it. As a collective of souls, we embodied at this time to change the world into a new paradigm. We have succeeded wildly. Do not let the last dying breaths of the old world fool you. Turn off your mainstream media. Tune out of that old reality and begin to create your new life from your own inner knowing. 

The stage is yours. What will you create? Who will you become? 

Need some support? I am offering intuitive coaching sessions to assist you in moving into this new potential of energy. 

Happy new beginnings!


Elaine Marie

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