The ancient priestess understood the great mysteries of creation and called within herself the qualities of divinity that gave her access to these mysterious powers.

The priestess was shaped and forged in her understanding and application of the sacred work. She cultivated the inner discipline to become an emptied vessel worthy to hold the great gifts bestowed to those who transcend the lower and ascend to the higher branches of the tree of life.

The one who chooses to climb the ladder of life towards true inner wisdom and stewardship of the creation.

The path of the Goddess is not parading around in our self distortions dressed up “as if” we are representing the divine in false decadent robes. To be clothed in the garment of light, we must first be stripped naked. To rise up, we must be taken down. We must sort through what is real and unreal within us. We must discard what is false and fragmented and shed the veils of ignorance of the lower containers of being.

To bear the title priestess was to enter into the initiatory path of testing and tempering. It is earned by our trials and bendings to the divine will. We are at Her Service. Not in service to our egoic fancies about what a Goddess might be as a surface facade of illusion. A priestess is humble before the forces of creation so that she may yield them for higher purpose.

Her work at its core is shamanic, as this is the work of the core underlying ways. The secrets behind the material reality are revealed only to the humbled and softened ones with motive of heart and service to the Great Circle of Life.

The Great Mother and her archetypal initiators become her teachers and temperer, showing a pathway away from what is low and lowly and towards what is high and noble. Under the Mother’s care she is taken through the catacombs of the abyss to learn and practice her discerning arts and only when she has proven worthy of her sacred craft, will she ascend again into the surface world to bring her gifts and magic in service to life.

Blessed be and So it is.

Elaine Marie Rose

High Priestess of the Rose Lineage

If you feel called to the Path of the Priestess please visit the Rose Heart Temple Mystery School


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