Many of our relationships have been unsatisfying and full of disappointment because we have bought into a concept of romantic love that holds many false premises and promises.

From the perspective of a divine conception of love, romantic love is not actually love at all. It would be far more accurate to term romantic love as a conditional affinity and sentimental feeling we identify and express and call “love”.

We carry this idea of what romantic love is because it is our core reference point for the image and narrative of love as our popular culture defines and identifies it.  We see these false images and promises of love everlasting all around us. In most of these images and narratives, it is simply about finding that “one” and then living happily ever after.

We are taught as young children to seek out romantic love, dream of it, and hope for its arrival to bring us great joy and a feeling of complete fulfillment.

But when these relationships come into our lives they are often full of unmet expectations, distressing emotions, mental confusion and unexpected fears.  We experience that the dream does not actually fulfill itself and we are left bewildered, hurt, confused and disappointed.

How can we learn more about our relationship to Divine Love as a means to having far more fulfilling intimate partnerships?


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