My spiritual path has been one of deep initiation.

An initiation is a process of transformation. It leads to psycho-spiritual healing, change and growth. It shifts one’s orientation and understanding of self from a smaller, fear based notion, to a larger, divinely connected empowered being.

As with initiates throughout time, I have found my initiations have been accompanied by deep mythological and archetypal story, ritual and symbolism. This inner psychic reality of mythical events activates universal background material in the unawakened self that lies dormant and unconscious. It triggers awakening to higher concepts and qualities of self.

To submit to a path of initiation requires an ever expanding alignment and integration with Divine Will above our small and uninformed so called “free will”. This is not easy.

On this path we will experience “eruptions” of our instinctual knowing in the psyche’s attempt to repel our conditioned over-enculturation and false egoic notion of small self. On this path we may fail to find our hope at times, and experience the darkness of depression and disorientation as we lose our connection to our known roles in our old lives and within society.

We walk the razor’s edge between madness and enlightenment, crisis and true emergence. As our consciousness is loosened from its rigid robotic mentalism we may feel completely ungrounded and undirected. Others around us may think we have indeed gone mad. We will need to be at peace with what “other’s opinions of our journey” may be and be willing to let go of all attachments.

We take a calculated risk when we undergo the trials of loss of ego-identity in favor of winning the gnosis of True Self. The soul is stripped bare and raw, like Queen Inanna’s journey through the seven gates of the underworld where she is forced to remove an article of her power at each gate until she is naked and vulnerable. She has lost all the symbols of power and status from her queendom in the upper world, and is told unequivocally, “there are no queens in the underworld.”

It is a tale of literal death and rebirth. 

On the path of initiation, the small self and soul will be stripped from any defense and identity protection, symbolized by our own roles, our titles, or clothing, vehicles and homes, and connections to society.

On my journey I have indeed been stripped to the bare bone, brought to my knees and humbled beyond imagine. I have faced so many rounds of ego death, the inability to control my own surroundings and life, and dismemberment of physical form that I sometimes find myself feeling a completely empty vessel without personality. I seem to have qualities now more that traits, and can activate a whole range of these qualities as needed. It can be difficult for me to relate to “regular mundane world” people. The activities of constant distraction of the mundane world do not make sense to me. There is nothing to do anymore except to be. To await a call from the divine self for action and expression. And so is my life now. Full of passion and presence, and yet very full of stillness.

I exist in a liminal space and it is my calling to hold this “in between worlds” space as Rose High Priestess so that others may experience the Path of Initiation. When others visit my Rose Heart Temple and are surrounded by the intense 5th dimensional vortex of energies of this land they are as exhilarated by the natural splendor and abundance of the Goddess energy as they are unnerved. They feel deep in their bones that something is going to happen to them, but they do not understand what. The mythic presence of inner change haunts them as the mists fall across the land.

And so I hold this space at the Rose Heart Temple as a Master Initiator of Transformation through the Rites and Rituals of the Divine Feminine Mysteries. I am here to serve you humbly as temple keeper, guide and priestess.

I look forward to your visit .

Many blessings, deep love and safe passage on your journey,

Elaine Marie Rose 

Founder and High Priestess of the Rose Heart Temple Mystery School in the mystical Andean cloud forest of Santa Elena, Colombia



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