In the shamanic tradition nature is seen as the medicine cabinet of our lives.

This includes the plants, animals, trees and stones. 

Mitakuye Oyasin or “All our Relatives” are seen as living consciousness and part of our family of life.

Sometimes the medicine we need stings, such as a spider bite. It can make us sick so we purge the toxins inside of us and we come out on the other side with the gift of immunity and the strength and power of the one who gave us the medicine.

A virus is a part of nature. Its role is the same as in the body, to purge the toxins. We grow ill so the body can clear itself of what is harmful and causing imbalance. If death comes it is all in the soul’s timing and purpose as it resolves its karmic chain. 

So too here with the spread of this virus we are collectively receiving medicine. We are being called to stop, to listen, to quiet, to see the toxins inside of us and purge them. 

We are also seeing the undeniable web of life that is connected in unimaginably countless ways. We see physically how our interactions leave a seemingly invisible trace on others.

But now look even more closely at this invisible web. Did you know everything you do has an effect on everything else around you?

Your thoughts stream into the web of life too, even the hidden ones. Nothing is ever truly hidden. All is recorded in the great chronicles of this divine web matrix, called the Akashic Records. So your hidden thoughts, your emotions and your spoken words deeply affect those around you. They affect your family and friends, the strangers around you, your pets, and nature as they receive your vibrational transmission of energy. Your vibrational signal is also sent into the cosmos carrying whatever the thought, emotion or word may be.

If it is fear, you send fear to all life. If it is anger, you send anger, and the web of life is made heavier and denser. If you send love you deliver love to all living beings and the entire network of conscious life. The web is uplifted and restored to its original divine perfection.

The Divine Mother is lovingly dosing some much needed medicine to our human collective.

She is stopping us in our tracks and asking, “Will you choose love or fear?” 

Will you stop and take responsibility for what you put into the web of life? 

We are all polluters. Let’s stop pointing fingers and look within to clean our own house.

Think about it…..Choose wisely.  


Mitakuye Oyasin

Elaine Marie Rose



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