The feminine spirit has come to wrap us in her swaddling cloth. We are being held in a warm, dark place for incubation.

Yes, the external world appears to teeter on chaos, and yet, it is not chaotic. It is quiet. All is stillness. As if humanity has entered a great slumber. It’s disease of busy-ness has ceased.

Hibernation in the hearth space is all that is available to us. And that true home space is the space within.

This is the great dramatic shift of the ages we have all been praying for. The Mother has come back to us. The Feminine Forces of Creation are initiating an invitation. 

What will you choose?

When time dissolves and we are no longer able to plan our futures because they do not exist.

What will we choose?

Only now is alive as time. The 3D time/space continuum has dissolved. It is only our human mental state that keeps it alive.

The 5D timeline is present and the present is all we can experience now. Time is now a phenomena of spiraling rather than a long and painful linear highway of past pain and trauma and fear for an unknown future. 

What will you choose?

The work is internal. The chaos in the world is a mere pretext for our choice. The only enemy is within. And this enemy has been what has kept humanity from awakening for many ages. The fear of our own imbalanced creations over eons of time as souls in duality.

We look out at what we despise and do not realize we are it. Look into the Mirror of Mary Magdalene, the Mirror of Truth.

We have been all things. We have had all experiences in this human collective. That is why we came into this duality arena, to experience, to learn.

Be certain. Whatever heinous being or thing you point to in righteous indignation that is external to you lives within you and is hiding. Hiding from your shame, your self-hatred, your self-loathing, your guilt. The Masters Realms have been very clear that it is time for humanity to awaken to what we have all created and let it go. We have learned all we needed. We do not need to demonize one another. We do not need to play in this space of separation any longer. 

So what will you choose?

Will you choose to open to your inner demons so they can be healed and released or will you hunker down in fear, trying to cling to an old way of life that is dead? 

The only prescription for humanity right now is to go within. Take responsibility for all that you are, dark and light, and then let it all go.

We have a blank slate for our lives, for our world. But we cannot go forward into the New Earth until we have transformed the past into what it is, a dream long gone by.

We cannot create a new future until we let go of the old way of creating. We must become as children and relearn who we truly are. We must unite with our divine essence and be guided form this place.

Baby steps. We are awakening as both masters and as babies in a new world that we don’t know how to operate. There are new rules for creating. The old ways do not work.

Divine Mother invites you inside. “Be still child, and know that I am Goddess.”

Blessings of Peace to You Beloved

Elaine Marie Rose

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