As souls we traveled to experience this realm of duality and separation for one reason; to forget ourselves completely, experience what we are not, and then to remember what we are; love. 

In the separation consciousness paradigm of the 3D matrix, the rational mind is ruler and king.  It does not permit the frequency of Divine Love to appear as a reality in our perception. Fear is the opposite of love in frequency. They cannot co-exist. When we enter into 3D we are learning about everything that love is not. It’s a game of hide and seek from the true self. 

In fact, the rational mind is the antithesis of Divine Love. It is pure anti-love and will squelch any fledgling attempt for love’s innocence to be born with its sharp judgment, self-righteousness and fearful anticipatory victim point of view. 

Instead of us melting into a softness of divine surrender and grace, the lower mind flattens the divine treasure that attempts to reveal itself behind rational cynicism, fear, emotional repression, and self-protection strategies. We are trying to hide the secret from ourselves and from everyone else that we don’t love ourselves and believe we are not worthy of love. It’s an odd act of subterfuge for certain. 

There are myriad strategies to put on this fake show of “I’m ok” or its popular cousin, “I don’t care or need you.” This is the ultimate role of the egoic personality. It develops strategies to protect against revealing the true inner vulnerability and puts on a good face that pretends to be perfect, successful and likable or the rebellious social deviant that is hyper-independent and separate from it all. It plays a game of make believe. It adopts a false identity while crushing and repressing the true loving and innocent soul-self identity. The soul retreats and sleeps in this hostile environment and the ego takes precedence as the protective guardian.

There is no actual frequency of love in the 3D fear matrix of rational mind because there is no safety available to be ourselves. Love can only open and flower in a state of wellbeing, tolerance, acceptance, innocence and trust.  

What is romantic love in 3D?

What we are actually experiencing is better termed bonded co-dependent attachment.  What we term love incorrectly, in a 3d matrix, is a projection onto another of our own need to locate and validate ourselves. We project an image onto the other in order to find ourselves and be validated as worthy. This is why this non-love wears off. Eventually the reality of the actual wounded person that is inadequate to satisfy our inherent needs to be loved, seen and cared for deeply  fails in the task, and the projection fades as the illusion it always was. We change from “being in love” to after a few months or years, being deeply annoyed and judgemental and in power struggle, conflict and resentment with the person we initially pulled in close to us. We realize they did not fulfill the projection and then we are disappointed and begin to drift away from this idea of perfect romantic love, perhaps seeking out another person to begin the cycle again or just assuming love is not real or worth the effort. 

Love doesn’t fade, only attachment fades. Love doesn’t disappoint, only attachment disappoints. Love doesn’t expect, only attachment expects.

Our experience of pain and suffering as attachment

Did you ever have the experience of love at first sight? Be careful if you do and use extreme caution. 

Our karmic contracts of anti-love feel just like love at first sight. We can’t resist the pull towards the person. We have magnetic “blinders” that keep us from seeing the massive red flags that this person will very likely not be able to meet us in our attraction and exchange in the long term. If we project this idealized image onto someone who is cruel, angry, immature, emotionally unavailable or unresponsive to us, that is the image we have of our own inner value and worthiness reflected back to us. When we find this vibrational match of anti-love distortion we will become obsessed, i.e. hyper-focused on the person. What we are doing is playing out our anti-love trauma. We enter the trauma trance and the game begins. 

Now we take on the role of victim, as the person acts according to their own inner wounding and abandons, criticizes, overpowers, betrays, ignores or rejects us. We set the game up perfectly to reflect our inner wound of anti-love. No one is doing anything to us in reality except playing out their own anti-love imprint. We lock onto the dream of fulfillment with someone clearly not ready to hold a mature space of exchange and then are devastated because it turns out to be painful and disappointing. 

We will not see how we also were not ready to acknowledge our own inner wounding that contributed to launching the vibrational game in the first place. We won’t notice how our heart was not able to give much either without expecting a huge return of payment. It was only seeking fulfillment, consumption, need fulfillment and restitution from eons of heartbreak. That is not love. It’s actually manipulation disguised as sweetness and loving attunement. 

Inevitably, our illusory hopes and desires of being loved perfectly are dashed on the rocks once again in a self created self-fulfilling prophecy. The pain comes again as the trauma cycle repeats. This can easily be anticipated when the other departs or doesn’t fulfill our expectations, or doesn’t see us or treat us with proper care. We experience suffering. We close down more. Rewind. Repeat. This is the human “love” drama. 

Humanity will need to graduate out of this distortion cycle of false romantic drama. It’s a chase after need fulfillment and validation. It is not love. 

Moving into a 4th dimensional experience

The true vibration of divine love cannot begin to exist until our consciousness begins to enter the 4th dimension state. Here there is a growing space for love to blossom, mainly because our own heart can begin to establish a space away from fear where it can breathe and expand and begin to feel safe. The rational mind begins to quiet and is no longer as easily able to hijack our budding sense of completeness and worthiness. When we once again begin to transform into the love that we are actually made of, love is no longer a battleground of pain, suffering and disappointment. This landscape will begin to open a bit in the 4th dimension of new possibility. 

We realize we must do our own inner work to step towards wholeness to discover this new territory. The victim stories begin to show themselves as deep lies we have been carrying around as self-defining life narratives. 

We realize we cannot love anyone without a firm grasp of the self-love budding within us. We begin to see that all proclaimed romantic endless love is a mere projection of our victim anti-love imprint onto another. We observe from a place of neutrality rather than reactivity, that we are essentially asking for the other person to reveal our own anti-love imprint to us as a mirror by playing out our worst nightmares of rejection, abandonment, misuse of power, abuse, neglect and betrayal. 

The game is set up ahead of time and the one you select to project onto is the perfect vibrational match to mirror your anti-love distortion. Hence the attraction. Remember the law of attraction? Love and its opposite anti-love, are vibrational. The field doesn’t lie. You are attracted to your vibrational match. You begin to realize this and step into a space of self-responsibility. 

This inevitable predictability was not our intention in playing this game. It is the playing out of karma and we can begin to see these patterns weaving throughout our lives. We begin to remember we came here to regain our freedom and sovereignty, not to be slaves to anti-love heart-break cycles of karmic drama and pain. We start to see we have a choice. We are not doomed. We are free. But we must change our frequency to effect this change in our reality. 

This old drama wheel is what romantic love in the 3rd dimension entails. Mainly the playing out of karma and pain based fear cording from previous games we played with others that were incomplete. In our unconscious victim or abuser mentality we dive right in without realizing the karma wheel we jump on again and again. 

Why are you attracted to one and not another? Karmic cording. It’s pure quantum entanglement. There is no choice when we are in an unconscious 3D state but to react to the lure. The magnetic attraction and then the resulting painful reaction seem inevitable until we step back and take a deeper look at what’s unfolding. This is only possible when we step into 4D. This space, this neutrality, this ability to observe ourselves. This is the jump into 4D. 

Love is reborn as we shift into 4D

When we begin to shift into a higher frequency of 4D we start the journey back to becoming love. Here we slowly begin to realize that we can love many people and in many ways and what we seek is not a reflection of our anti-love wound, but one who can meet us in a joyous exchange of harmonic co-creation. As we enter the 4th dimension the rational mind slows and softens and begins a journey to dissolve entirely. As it retreats and the heart center becomes the primary center to receive information, we reconnect into the Divine Mind. Here all wisdom is already known and the rational mind becomes much less important and still. 

This is the evolution of consciousness into 4D. We begin slowly to become an emanation of love as self-love. We experience in our being that this entire dialogue about heartbreak and victimhood is absolutely preposterous. If someone didn’t choose to align with you or caused you harm, the last thing you would want was to cry, reel from the pain of rejection and try to force that alignment to happen. You would not harm yourself. That would be ridiculous when real self-love is beginning to seat itself within you. 

You would wish them well and send them off on their own journey to find a good vibrational match with best wishes and a full heart of gratitude. It is impossible to be rejected, abandoned, abused, neglected or betrayed in the higher dimensional perceptive realm. These are only available as experience in the 3D movie. In 4D we realize we can get up and walk out of the bad film. We can choose to let the attachment go. 

In 5D Divine Love Returns As Our Reality

The rational mind completely ceases to function in 5th dimension and is completely still. We are so full of loving light from the unified Divine Mind centered in the heart that we can’t help ourselves but to fall in deep love with everything! In 5D we are not separate from anything and so love is included in everything and with everyone. We simply make choices about who is aligned vibrationally in our co-creative vision of reality. There is only wellbeing, so we simply outpicture which version of wellbeing and fulfillment feels good to us and create it effortlessly. All is within the unified field of love as Divine Mind and our creations are very balanced and precise. There is nothing but unity as love because that is all there is in the beginning and the end of infinity.

That is the journey humanity is on. Love is all there is. Really…you are love. And so is everything and everyone else. There is nothing else. Eureka! I guess this is what we like to call “enlightenment”

Blessed Be Beloveds,

Elaine Marie Rose


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