Lords of the Charnel Ground

Intimate, conscious, sacred relationship can be one of the most profound paths to accelerate your spiritual evolution. The inescapable mirror of the other that is presented in a committed and dedicated sacred relationship can bring to the surface our core subconscious wounding and unleash the unknown “enemy within.” This enemy within is our deepest shadow self that lurks in total subconscious darkness as a completely unacceptable part of our psyche and being. The Buddhists would call this working in the charnel ground, where quite literally we are working in the field of mortal death as our concept of self is completely dismantled and “body parts and sinews are scattered about us.” We walk in the field of death of the false. A metaphorical death that is required if we are to transform and release our habitual and inauthentic false self and its fear based control and safety strategies so we can walk in authenticity,  presence and ultimately in sacred union with another.

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Elaine Marie Rose

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