We cannot underestimate the significance of what we agreed to do as souls riding the waves of dimensional shifting while still in a dense body. It is an immense feat we are collectively undertaking.

Whatever dimensional reality you have vibrationally set for your day to day energy will be lived out by your choice of frequency. If you are still operating in a frequency of fear of any kind, as in fear of unpleasant past events or traumas repeating, or fear of the unknown future, you will experience more and more dissonance in your reality. The masters have told us this is a critical time point. Many have used the term The Shift, and while yes it has been accumulating in momentum over time with significant acceleration in the past decade and beyond, we are now at the point the masters are calling the Time Gate. 

This is not another point in a series of movements or progressions. This is a fundamental and irreversible change. We are right now fully entering the higher light fields. Time is changing. Our perception of time is falling away. What you may be sensing as you feel the new energetics around you is that time is fluctuating, vacillating, accelerating, slowing and stopping. 

Yes, this is a paradox. It will feel very strange and perhaps difficult to be on Earth in many ways. We have not passed through such a volatile field while in a human body before. As time speeds up its velocity, it eventually halts into the stillness. This is the Time Gate, as Earth passes through the point of harmonic cohesion of all time factors. 

You could compare it to moving to a new planet with a completely new atmosphere, where your body is not properly adapted. There must be an intense period of cellular recalibration as all systems adapt to major environmental changes. This causes immense stress on the body and its systems as it tries to navigate the new environment it finds itself within. However, we are not relocating physically, but more precisely- vibrationally. More accelerated vibrational fields will feel stressful and uncomfortable when we are still seated based on familiar patterning within older ones. The result of this relocation is extreme challenge in the body, mind, psychological frame and emotions.  

This passage will be chaotic on many levels. It will be felt internally, in places where you have discordant thoughts and emotions, and of course, externally as we see the collapse of the 3rd dimensional time-space reality construct on our planet in societal discord. This implosion will be difficult. 

If you are reading this, you are aware of the passage of challenging planetary and collective rebirth we are making. Because you have awareness you have the opportunity to hold the dimensional fields in a steady state by staying in a frequency of nonattachment and loving neutrality. 

Do not attach to the dramas and stories that are passing before or within you no matter how distressing they appear or feel. Surrender into a neutral state and allow this change to wave through you without resistance. 

All that is in a disharmonic or discordant frequency with the higher energy fields will be experiencing a volatile, chaotic  dissolution. Our lightworker family is here to hold the Earth grids and time fields in a steady state so that there is not a devastating destruction in the material reality. The masters have noted that material reality is indeed at risk as we pass through this Time Gate. This is not meant to cause fear within you. It is to call you to your highest courage and light. Focus within, within your Core Divine Self. Stay centered in your Infinite Source within. This is your place of solace. Pass through the center of the storm in a state of inner peace. Wherever you are and whatever is happening around you is all divinely orchestrated at this time.  We are being reborn. This passage is not easy. Take deep care of yourself and allow others to take the journey they choose for themselves without resistance. All will be sorted according to divine order. Allow the process to proceed as peacefully as possible as an anchor of light.

Blessed Be to All as we ride the waves of change together. If you would like to learn tools to ride The Shift learn more about my Shifting Frequencies mentorship here

Elaine Marie Rose


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