Blessed we are to dance on this ground

With the rhythms of saints to carry the sound

We hold a prayer for the Earth

For the ones yet to come

May you walk in beauty

And remember your song

We a hold a prayer for all life

For the days yet to come

May you walk in beauty

And remember your song

Remember why you came here

Remember your life is sacred

Remember your song sister. The path of the priestess is a journey to discovery an ancient pathway within your soul memory. The call of the Rose is the call of the priestess path; a path you have walked in other lifetimes and prepared to bring forward as a gift to life and love in this lifetime.

The Path of the Priestess is like a promise we made in our souls. A promise of remembrance, a promise of love that lives in each priestess heart as the Sacred Rose Heart. It lives in wait of your discovery. She has called you home to her in so many ways, ways you may not have understood.

But you knew her call. And here you are, paying attention to this call by stepping into the exploration of the energy of the Rose Priestess lineage.

The Rose Heart Temple Mystery School is a place for remembering. The curriculum is designed to bridge you into your own inner knowing and soul gifts. When you step onto the path of the priestess, you must come with determination and dedication. It is not a path for the weak of heart or mind. You must step forward boldly to the initiate’s path, which will guide you through a process of removing false parts of self that are keeping you living as someone you are not. You are not the personality that you were conditioned to believe as your “self”. Your lower identity is a mask. When we dive into the abyss of the Divine Mother’s spiraling heart we undertake a journey to recover our true authentic divine being, the being that is eternal soul, that is epic, and mythical, with gifts from other times and places that are astounding and much needed in this deadened world of fear and suffering.

Remember why you came here… came to recover these sacred gifts and ways. The Rose calls.

Will you answer? Will you step forward to do the sacred work?

Learn more about the journey and how to begin by visiting the Rose Heart Temple Mystery School curriculum.

Blessed Be Sister

Elaine Marie Rose

High Priestess Initiator of the Rose Lineage


Song Lyrics- Blessed We Are, Peia




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