The teachings held here in past eras were called the Mysteries of the Feminine Divine. However, for many millennia the Mysteries of the Mother Goddess teachings were veiled and hidden so that those who would abuse or distort their immense power were withheld.

In the recent history of the earth, as brutal patriarchy arose to conquer the planet. Divine feminine temples and their communities were destroyed, and women of sacred magic and divine power were burned and killed in order to crush, destroy and control the powerful energies of the Divine Feminine. The men, often known as Knights, Kings or Magicians, who were charged as guardians of these sacred energies, were equally ravaged and persecuted and the lineage required strict secrecy to survive in the darkest of times on this planet.

The lineage that held this mystical energy is called the Sisterhood of the Rose or White Rose and its masculine counterpart the Brotherhood of the White Dove. These priestesses and priests were keepers of the mysteries of the Rose Line Codes. The genetic seeds came from Sirius, the Pleiadians, Venus, and other contributing benevolent star nations. They developed into the ancient Land of Mu or the Motherland, now called Lemuria, were then transferred into Atlantis, and then arose again in Egypt (Kemet) in the Temples of Isis.

The lineage lived on through the Yeshua and Magdalene sacred union and were guarded by the Templars and Cathars and had a revival in the Arthurian Legends and Mythology. Today there is a global resurgence of priest and priestess of this lineage being reborn to remember and reinstate the Rose Codes on the planet for all who are open to receive them. These feminine teachings are key to the dawning of the New Golden Era of Peace and the full return of the Feminine Divine energies for a balanced and restored planet Earth.

We are very early in a series of epic Earth changes and are experiencing the great time of darkness before the dawn. It is so very important for those women and men who feel a strong instinctual pull towards these teachings to recognize that you are past mystery holders who are being awakened to take your place as Temple Keepers of the Mother Flame that was smited so long ago in Mu (Lemurian) and Atlantean eras.

I ask that you please trust your instinctual knowing if you are being called to this sacred work.

Blessed Be and So It Is

Elaine Marie Rose

High Priestess of the Rose Lineage

Founder, Rose Heart Temple Mystery School

Learn more about the wisdom teachings of the Rose lineage by exploring the Rose Heart Temple Mystery School


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