As lightworkers, how can we hold our own shadow and also hold space for the massive unfolding of the fears and traumas of mass humanity that has not awakened to the larger situation of our collective?

We cannot live in isolation and escapism.

Among our family, friends and soul groups there are varying degrees of attunement to larger spiritual truths and how these truths unfold in divine timing and according to divine will.

When someone does not have a context for the universal law of karma or an understanding of the dark night their soul has endured in many lifetimes of pain and trauma, or when they have not been able to face with unflinching responsibility that the shadows they perceive out in the world, all the “bad” people out there, are mere reflections of the darker experiences they as a soul have also had, it can be difficult to hold space.

We are all the light and we are all the dark. This is the dance of duality.

Most of humanity is not really ready to hear and see this truth. How many times have I had the finger brutally pointed back at me when in judgement I cast out my condemnation to another. 

One of the more brutal examples of the return of my own righteous indignation was early in my awakening to the feminine oppression on the planet. I was an advocate for women’s rights and wisdom, shining light on all the atrocities that are still to this day being committed against the feminine person; body, mind and soul. I was a passionate advocate for the wrongdoing of these dangerous and horrifying men, and some women, who abused, controlled and tortured women and their energy.

At the height of my righteous indignation, of course, I had a deep memory of past lives when I was the man (or woman) who was abusing, torturing and controlling the feminine energy in ways that served my own desires for power, pleasure, pain or whatever. I was the rapist, the brutally abusive and sexually dangerous spouse, the torturer, the keeper of a den of sex slaves for my pleasure. I have been all these things and I have also been the one abused, tortured and controlled.

This example can translate to any abuse of power or act of pain and suffering our mind can conjure and our soul can remember.

As souls we have all had the full experience of the dark and the light. 

There is a burden to taking our freedom back as sovereign beings. No more can we play the unknowing victim of life in any way. We must stand and take full responsibility for all that has been created. Yes there are forces that have trapped humanity against their will and this of course has happened to me and my family and loved ones. But if we continue to trace the line of cause back further and further we will see that we are all powerful creators and there is nothing that at the soul level we did not agree to participate in and experience.

Radical responsibility is what will be required. It is because we as humanity have not been willing to take this stance of radical responsibility that we have been so easily controlled and enslaved by darkness. It is our own darkness, guilt, shame and fear being used against us. The only remedy is to step into full accountability and self-forgiveness.

No more finger pointing. As each soul takes ownership of their journey there will be no more fingers to point. Collectively this has been our journey, it has been our experience. As a united collective we must have the courage to face this deep inner shadow we hold in our subconscious souls.

We do not need to seek revenge, or even justice. We need to choose to end it. We must let it go. Each soul will take responsibility to pay their own divine debts in accord with divine justice. You are not your brother’s keeper.

As one of the most amazing world teachers Yeshua said, “Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam in thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote in thy brother’s eye.”

The ultimate forgiveness needed on this planet is self-forgiveness. The ultimate justice is surrendered compassion to all that we have created, including the pain and suffering. This is the only way we can transcend once and for all this experience of duality, pain and suffering.

It is time to move into a new beginning. It is time to use the sacred mirror of truth to set ourselves free.

In the LIght of Divine Truth and Justice. So Be It.



Elaine Marie




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