The Path of the Priestess has always held a close association with guardianship of the Great Mother’s sacred spring waters.

Sacred water and wellspring keepers are laced throughout the archival remnants of the akashic accounts of the priestess ways.

The pristine purity of these underground flows are the epitome of the Goddess frequency of crystalline creation.

Form is the domain of Mother Creatrix as she spirals her web of primordial forces with her Mater Light- the invisible light that tenderly encases and emforms all of Her Creation.

The elementals are her closest messengers. The architects of form. And Her sacred daughter, the holy water, is her signature element when weaving form into verdant bioorganic life.

The living water holds the perfected Divine Template of Creation in its molecular memory. All the wisdom of Her creation story can be read and translated in this living crystalline archive of liquid light.

Our sacred waters are precious and as priestesses we tended and stewarded this primordial sacred treasure.

We are comprised primarily of water in our own living temples, as is all bioorganic life. This template of sacredness is fractalized into all of life on this holy Blue Green Mother planet.

We are epically privileged to live on a rare genetic living library of galactic biodiversity. When Gaia Terra was originally formed, her divine design held a rare Christed or Crysted Matrix (crystalline divine consciousness).

We, as souls taking divine human form, where destined as the stewards of this cosmic treasury of life.

But our memory of this faded as our frequency fell more deeply into density.

It is time for us to awaken to the sacredness of this task after a long difficult slumber.

As an ancient Sirian Blue Ray starseed who arrived in the era of Mu, or “the Motherland”, what is now referred to as Lemuria, tending the crystalline consciousness of the waters to maintain harmony and balance in all life in form was a central activity of supreme importance.  This work and direct relationship with the elemental kingdom is the root of what we call shamanism today.

The holy connectors of Mu were originally stardseeded shamanic women. They were called Mele, which in Hawaiian (the direct descendants of Mu) means song or chant because the mode of communication was singing to the waters. They brought the wisdom of elemental magic that worked at the multidimensional level with the maintenance and sanctity of form in a balanced state between the upper dimensions of creation (spirit) and the lower dimensional manifestation (form).

The songs wove creation together and they taught about the mirror of creation, “as above, so below”

It is time for our knowledge of these ways of wisdom to be restored.  Always we were in conscious connection with the waters, listening, communicating, singing. For when the water began to fragment or mutate its crystalline structure in any way, and become out of balance, so would form life imbalance follow. And so the water keepers would bring this information back to the people to speak the need to make change.

And so we have slipped far beyond the threshold of balance as these spiritual arts were lost in the density of the fall of consciousness.  We fell into a state of appearing to “split off” from Source and eventually our form experience was completely veiled from one of union with the spheres of creation, to one of the ilusion and dualistic mutations of separation from our Creational Source.

We fell from the living fountains of wisdom.  And so did the role of shaman change over time. The one we call shaman today was the one who was able to maintain contact for the tribe or group who had lost its own contact completely. This sacred walker in both words, was the original meaning of the term that varies by culture and that we use collectively as “shaman”  today. The shaman could continue to travel beyond the veil to retrieve information from Source and its benevolent keepers. As the spiritual teaching systems matured into a temple culture in later Lemuria and more so in Atlantis, these holy connectors became the priestess and priest. And yet over time, even this role slipped into duality, as many who had the gift of these spiritual arts turned to dark magic and the mutations grew more and more difficult to overcome. The unfortunate use of dark magic began in Lemuria and culminated in its fall, and later in the fall of Atlantis. Humanity plunged deeply into the darkness of duality and the veil of separation was placed to protect the upper realms from further contamination and fragmentation of the original Source light.

So is the story of our evolution and fall. And now is the story of our return to wisdom. If you feel called deep inside yourself to pick up the mantle of the Priestess spiritual arts, the Rose Heart Temple Mystery School can assist you in restoring your own akashic memories.

Sacredness surrounds us inside and out and it is our birthright to reclaim this place when we rise again into the embodiment of our pure divinity. As consciousness fell, it was the mystery school traditions that maintained this sacred knowledge of divine union for those who had ears to hear and eyes to see.

If you are ready to take the journey of initiation into your own divinity please join us.


If you feel called to the ancient waterkeeper path learn more about Shamanic Water Priestess Immersion

Blessed be. So it is.

Elaine Marie Rose

High Priestess of the Rose






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