Differentiating Between Cynicism and Discernment

Both concepts have a similarity for evaluating, observing or testing a certain premise, person or thing. But cynicism resonates in a separation based vibration of disbelief based on lack of trust, disbelief in the inherent unity of life, and ultimately in hidden self-hatred. A cynical person, while they may seem to be clever in their words, is actually projecting an inner state of lack of trust of self and self hatred. They cannot believe in anyone or anything as inherently pure and good because they cannot see themselves as inherently good and pure and worthy. 

Discernment on the other hand understands that energies present themselves in a wide spectrum of vibration. The person who uses discernment trusts that the world and people have an underlying goodness and has the wisdom to know that this goodness is naturally revealed when something is in alignment with divine laws. They use the wisdom of these divine laws to reveal the truth about something as it aligns with divine truth as unity. 

Something or someone that is out of alignment with unity will vibrate with dishonesty and non-integrity and one who can utilize discernment can sense this misalignment. Their choice to avoid the misaligned energy comes not from lack of trust, but from wisdom to make a choice to align with something else. They do not need to reject the nonaligned energy as bad or evil, but simply know to avoid it. They do not respond with separation, but with a choice to align in a different energetic configuration that resonates with unity instead of separation.  

It is also important to note that we are all holding a mixture of these separation and unity based frequencies as humans. We must have compassion for this truth as well and not judge or turn away from people and experiences just because they are not in perfect harmony. It is very difficult to sustain unity vibrational fields on Earth at present. We are humans trying to master this shift, and our shadows and imperfections are part of our perfect journey. So discernment is not about elitism, or superiority, because that is another separation based vibration! 

Discernment must encompass compassion for self and for others. The union of discernment and compassion can help us to navigate the complex energies we encounter everyday and help us to make better choices for our own wellbeing and the wellbeing of the planet. 

Let’s use an example to solidify the difference in these frequencies. I am sometimes contacted by curious people on my social media channels about what I am sharing. I was engaging in a conversation with a man once who seemed curious at first about these concepts. But as I was answering his questions, he quickly turned to a pattern of cynicism. Feeling the energy of self-hatred clearly in his field, and knowing it was now being projected towards me, I asked him why he didn’t trust himself. He became flustered when I did not respond to his dualistic comments and shifted the subject towards himself and not me. He used his defense mechanisms to respond with deeper cynicism and meanness. So I wished him well and hoped that someday he might see that he was indeed trustworthy and good. His self-hatred focused as cynicism was trying to push me from own clarity about inner truth. So I made a discerning choice without rejecting or belittling him to close the channel of communication and wish him well on his journey. 

The more we come into alignment with the underlying unity of life and Creation, the faster we will be able to spot misalignments within ourselves and others. If we can be lighthearted about it, we can become very curious about what the universe is presenting to us and learn to discern when something is a projection and when it is your own inner mirror and the universe is saying, “Hey! Take a look at this!” 

In some cases, you might have some of this same frequency in your field without realizing it. So of course, being the eternal student of my own shadow I went within to face places where I did not trust myself. I was very grateful to this cynical man for showing me I needed to trust myself more too! 

With so many lifetimes in an environment of hardcore separation we have all picked up a lot of subconscious programming about lack of self-worth and lack of trustworthiness among many other low frequencies. Our task is never to be perfect. In fact as long as we are part of the collective human embodied soul, we will always retain a certain portion of these low frequencies in our lower emotional and mental bodies. My approach and recommendation is to be a detective and use the mirror that the universe is always supplying to investigate the hidden gift in any given situation. 

Now does that mean I needed to embrace this cynical man into my life and allow him to continue projecting meanness at me. No, not at all. I could hold him in a state of compassion, take my own learning from the experience, and choose for my own wellbeing to remove myself from that abusive interaction. 

Moving from fear to love is about having a choice, rather than simply having a reaction. 



Elaine Marie Rose


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