Awakening the Goddess Body Retreat

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When we reach out to touch life with our full awakened presence we find our authentic connection to the Divine Feminine Force that lives within us.

Join us for a women’s mystery school immersion retreat at the sacred Rose Heart Temple in the mystical Andean cloud forest of Santa Elena, Colombia.

Awaken your inner goddess, connect to your beautiful, sensual body temple, learn how to begin to awaken and move ecstatic energy through your body, and experience deep, transformational sexual and relational healing to discover and unleash your inherent erotic innocence and fuller creative potency.

In this immersion retreat, High Priestess and master shamanic healer, Elaine Marie Rose demonstrates how to permanently and profoundly heal the body, emotions, mind and spirit in order to raise the consciousness and open ecstatic pathways, which is the foundation of our personal evolution.

What is the Goddess Body?

It is not a description of a body type or age nor of behaving hyper-sexually all the time. It is not any man-made cliche that attempts to objectify or define what the feminine is supposed to be, do or look like. 

The Goddess Body is a body that is open to its authentic natural responses and impulses towards life.

It is a body without resistance…

  • That does not resort to behavior which is inauthentic in order to portray a certain false image of itself. 

  • It is not fearful, numb or contracted against life to protect or armour itself from ‘perceived’ unsafe, external forces.

  • It is a female body in a state of grace, naturalness, openness and flow that is ready and clear to receive the impulses it was meant to em’body’ from the Divine part of Self.

When this ecstatic flow is opened in a woman, she becomes the divine embodiment of the living Goddess. This is a state of mature feminine energy expressing itself confidently, creatively and authentically. It is a women in deep connection to her erotic innocence, sensual being and creative potency. 

This delicious feminine divine connection awakens

  • When we see beyond what is visible and touch into the unseen realms of higher truth.

  • When we listen to the things not spoken and feel beyond preprogrammed words and behaviors.

  • When we slow down to be fully embodied, listening to each subtle wave of intuition that can be heard only in our inner stillness.

  • When we feel our emotions with curiosity and compassion to find out where they might want to guide us

When we offer ourselves these experiences of simple yet profound presence, we connect. We heal. We are transformed. We thrive. And when we are connected to ourselves- our true simple innocent selves- the world becomes right with divine alignment and perfection just as it is.


As a small and intimate sacred women’s circle we will move into the space of our own bodies as the exploratory canvas to find the true impulse of Self.

Using tantric yoga, tantric breath and bodywork, ShaktiFire ecstatic dance and movement, and deep shamanic sound and light alchemy healing techniques, we will begin to open the ecstatic pathways that have been blocked or shut down and that keep us from expressing our truest and most potent sense of being in the world.

We will dive into a deep healing process as we explore the ancient feminine mysteries of the rose lineage teachings. We will journey to release in our bodies, minds and hearts what closes us off, shuts us down, and dims our essence, light and enthusiasm for living and creating with clarity, joy and genius.

This transformative experience is for only a small group of women who are committed to purify and transform their body, emotions, mind and spirit. Unprocessed emotions, along with the conditioning received and stored in this lifetime and beyond, are locked in the body. Our bodies and auras are full of these blocked energies.  Stuck energy prohibits our natural expression as beings and can delay and halt our spiritual evolution.

When our physical and energetic bodies and cells are locked into conditioned patterns of smallness and fear, we cannot expand out into our glorious being, which is why we are here! We Become the Beloved as we learn to shed the skin of the false self, release old energetic patterns and habits, and open to the natural flowing pathways of light that we are built and designed to thrive upon.

Our disconnection from the vital ShaktiFire flow causes the loss of core self, the confusion of focus, the lack of clarity and purpose, and the imbalance of our emotional and mental bodies leading to drama and cycling patterns of trauma, disfunction, dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

Soul/spirit cannot flow where the energy cannot go!



Isn’t it time you:

Break free from old dead energies and beliefs that are causing you pain and limitation

Be reborn into a new sense of freedom and personal empowerment

Fully embody your highest soul essence and purpose

And reconnect to your own inner vitality

Join Elaine Marie Rose and a sacred sisterhood to cultivate a new life vision built on your powerful inner resources, personal strengths and ecstatic freedom.

Elaine Marie’s Healing Approach

Our physically, emotionally and mentally wounded self is the result of a deeply fragmented and weakened energy body. It feels painful and heavy and holds many distortions that we have lived as our realities in many difficult  lifetimes.

This wounding is reinforced internally by our conditioned belief structures and externally by a false matrix overlay program that is broadcasting 24/7 to keep us stuck in limitation and pain.

The key to unlock these distortions is the magic of our innate ability to change our biology and therefore our reality, by shifting out of these old familiar density patterns and into vibrational states of restored quantum wholeness. I call this process Quantum Wholing.

The pattern of quantum wholeness is always available to us as a living potential, but will not actualize until we align with its resonant frequency as a steady state of being.

This takes PRACTICE! Hence the underpinning of every true spiritual path is practice and persistence. It is a process of deep transformation. It takes time. It takes courage. It takes commitment.

I have created this Quantum Wholing process based on my own journey and remembrance. It is a process to map, understand and navigate our individual healing and restoration. It is a process of remembering, of conscious deconditioning and of reprogramming higher frequency ecstatic states of being. All of my offerings have this process as their core framework. Practice makes perfect Beloveds.

Reenter the world as a sacred warrior!

Drawing from methods and traditions known for profound and dynamic inner change, this women’s collective creates a sisterhood community that holds sacred space for each sister to transform into their magnificence.

With a core focus on your sexual life force as the master key to your most vital, energized and potently creative self, we explore relationship to both internal and external feminine and masculine attitudes and imbalances.

You are guided through a personal healing transformation process that:

  • opens the vital energy in the body to maximize the flow of life-giving Shakti

  • initiates gentle sexual healing in the body temple

  • clears away many limiting and conditioned emotional and mental beliefs, patterns and behaviors

  • catalyzes spiritual evolution using the alchemical sciences clearing away karmic, ancestral and past life patterns and binding energetic contracts

Somatic body-based experiences and awareness get us out of our head and into our glorious being.

We learn to embrace the feminine as it is in all of its glorious shapes, sizes, colors and calibrations.

We will engage in a sensual, deep and lively head-to-toe exploration of our inner and outer bodies.  This exploration teaches you how to clear, balance and integrate the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual parts of yourself. You will be amazed by how much life vitality can be unlocked by this body-based work!


  • Dissolve the blocks in our heart center

  • Open to our flowing sexual energies

  • Create a deep emotional awareness

  • Learn techniques to locate and release armoring, trauma and defensive postures

  • Uncage our rapturous true authentic voice and goddess within

This is a life-changing journey into authenticity!  Expect to be different upon your return as you begin to fully embody your radiance and life force energy!  Gift yourself with your true self – THIS is who you came here to be!

“Come with the intention to transform yourself, for you will not be the same after this retreat. If you are ready for radical release and transformation, within the sacred and safe container of an intimate women’s community, and within the mystical beauty of the Colombian high mountain cloud forest, this is the experience for you.” Elaine Marie Rose

What Happens During The Retreat?

Our time together in the alchemy of our sacred container does its work powerfully as we deepen into our practices to unravel old energies, stale patterns and limiting habits. As the time progresses we begin to gently weave a new tapestry of lightness of being, openness and joyfulness

During our days and nights together we will focus on core archetypal themes, inner patterns of darkness and light, and misaligned and imbalanced masculine and feminine frequencies within us.

This sacred self-inquiry leads us into deep inner reflection and triggers an awakening of greater consciousness, vitality and personal freedom. 

These daily sacred self-inquiries are supported by focused daily body practice including Tantra Yoga, breathwork, Shakti dance, and ongoing physical release and purification practices. Integration of the days work is woven into evening transmissions for healing our sexual self, meditations and gentle movement and stillness practices leading us into expansive dreamtime rest states for healing.

The Rhythm and Flow of our Days

Early Morning:​ Daily Meditation and Yoga Practice
Mid- Morning: ​Healthy Vegetarian Meal
Late Morning:​ Group Transmission and Practice Session
Mid-Day:​ Free time to relax, integrate and unwind
Late Afternoon​: Healthy Vegetarian Meal
Early Evening: ​Group Transmission and Practice Session
Into the Night:​ Sacred Circle with Group, meditations, gentle movement and stillness practices, ceremonies and rituals to prepare for dreamtime rest and healing

Please know that this plan is open and spacious for a balance of personal and group processing, exploration, resting/relaxing and integration. It ebbs and flows as needed for the profound healing and transformation of the sisters!

ADDITIONAL FREETIME OPTIONS: Private healing and bodywork sessions are available for an additional add-on cost and can be scheduled during free times throughout the retreat. More information about available options for private work will be provided during orientation.

Topics and Experiences



Your Guide

ABOUT Elaine Marie Rose

Elaine Marie Rose is a HIgh Priestess of the Rose lineage, intuitive empath, master shamanic tantric healer, Language of Light sacred sound alchemist, teacher, guide, artist and writer. Her goal is to assist and guide you in making and strengthening your own sacred connection with the Knowing Self Within that is inherently and eternally WHOLE!.

Elaine Marie’s Sacred Lineage

As an ancient Lemurian soul she has returned in this time of planetary ascension to embody the Divine Mother Goddess archetypal energies of her Higher Self.  As a lineage holder of the Magdalene and the Mary Path, and a High Priestess of the ancient Rose Sisterhood, she shares her innate wisdom of the feminine divine via the mysteries of sacred sexuality and body awakening and through her deep experiential knowledge of modern ascension science. She has trained directly with the Ascended Masters, Archangels and other Ascended Beings as a high initiate and adept of the spiritual ascension process and now turns to be of service as a wayshower for others to follow the path of deep remembering. She is a the author of Awakening Sacred Union Between the Divine Feminine and Masculine: Becoming the Beloved Rose, available here on Amazon and is a contributing author to the book Modern Ascension: Stories from the Spiritual Paths of High Initiates by Friesen Press


“Coming to your retreat will now always be considered a milestone in my life. I came with the goal that I wanted to put it all out there, and I have to say I have no regrets in that regard. I feel like I dug really deep and overturned some stones that I had previously been afraid to touch. I just feel different overall.  I notice that I am much more open and much less fearful of so many things. I brought that fierce image of Kali home with me, I carry her in me now. I feel more determined than ever to push forward on my path. Your retreat and the experiences you offered us were SO powerful. I am in absolute awe of the breadth of your knowledge and found myself mesmerized by the way you are able to express it. You truly embody a Goddess in my opinion!”
Gabrielle, USA
This was a once in a lifetime experience. I felt so much magic and guidance on this retreat and spent a lot of time with myself, inward. I was among a very small intimate group that made the experience so special. I have never experienced anything like this before. We had the most beautiful house to stay in, fresh healthy food cooked for us each day, and so many new physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual practices to work with in order to grow closer to our divine feminine authenticity that is within each and everyone of us. I continue to use the practices we’ve learned to grow closer to my higher self and break through old trauma so that I can create the life i’ve always dreamed of. I am eternally grateful I landed on this retreat and for Elaine Marie for holding such a divine space. Thank you so much Elaine Marie. This has imprinted me for life!”
Stacey, USA


“The Tantric Yoga, breathwork and sexual healing practices that Elaine Marie shared with me opened my physical body’s energy pathways and helped me to reexamine and question my limiting beliefs and behaviors. The shift with these practices was almost instantaneous and it was profound. The transformation has been non-stop. The lessons started to present themselves one after another. It’s as if I was in this whirlwind of energy that was taking me from one new level of awareness to another. I felt a very palpable disentanglement of the fear, which gave me the courage to proceed with what I was being called to do.”

Gurpreet, USA

“Loving, Gentle, and POWERFUL! My time with Elaine Marie, changed the way I view the world and my possibilities in it. The guided meditations enhanced my ability to connect with my inner wisdom and introduced me to my guides. Other processes we experienced moved old energy blocks that had held much sadness for me . I returned MUCH lighter energetically and happier over all! Of course Elaine Marie’s gentle guidance during yoga and loving understanding of my challenges to do yoga and assistance to find a more workable but still effective way of utilizing the poses was much appreciated! The information classes were very interesting food for thought. I came away with great mantras, and other tools to clear my mind, heart and soul. Thank you.”

Diane, USA

“My time with Elaine Marie is a time to dignify my life. A time where I am able to explore the possibilities inherent in this continuous exchange between the deepest part of my being and the outer world in which I live. The practices ask me how I neutralize what is polarized in my life, how I stand and support myself on the earth and receive its gifts, and how I learn from pain and mistakes. I am more aware of how I give and receive love and how I can really be thankful for everything that I receive in life.”

Claudia, Colombia

“Elaine Marie helped me to remember the essentials. That these practices raise and balance our vibrations, She taught that the whole environment of practice must be in a beautiful and harmonious vibration. Elaine Marie is not only an adorable being, she is a teacher who delivers her essence in each moment and connects you with your own. I feel the internal and vibrational energy working! Thank you for your great dedication, patience and love that you deliver!!! Today I have a different feeling for practice, I want it to be part of my life. Practice transforms, it transforms you little by little without hardly realizing it.”
Carolina, Colombia
“With the practices with Elaine Marie I quickly felt physically stronger and healthier. Mentally I am calmer, more patient and more open. I could never have done this without your guidance Elaine! It is a blessing for me to have had the opportunity to reinforce faith and balance in myself with your help ! I can’t thank you enough. These regular practices give me support and holding, as well as sensitiveness in the flows, which always leave me feeling more nourished and at peace than before the practice. Practice reminds me how to go on living the right way by being in union with the world, but mostly with myself. I received so much that right now I’m excited to share my experience with others, so they can have the same joy as I have now. Namaste Elaine Marie!”
Isabel, Switzerland

“Elaine Marie Rose’s presence and guidance was gentle and loving. My experience of the yoga and all the guided experiences and teachings changed my way of seeing life and being in the world. Elaine Marie is knowledgeable and she shared her way of wisdom and mastery with love , grace, knowledge and compassion. She created an interesting and beautiful experience. I walked away with a connection to my body and a desire to treat myself and my life with a new respect and a lot of self-love. Thank you , Elaine Marie Rose”

Diane, USA

“The retreat was powerful and intense and did more than just awaken my goddess body! Don’t miss out if you want to amp up your transformation. I am grateful that my Goddess warrior emerged!!! During the retreat, I asked for a quantum leap in my evolution. A word of warning, be careful what you ask for!”

Junia, USA

“I really appreciated the retreat, it was perfect for me! I appreciate Elaine Marie for opening space and keeping the integrity of the work clean and pure. Elaine Marie was knowledgeable and practices the processes she teaches. She is passionate about her work and it shows the level of time, dedication and preparation.”

Rocio, USA


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Here’s what Conde Nast Traveler had to say.

“Colombia’s diverse and breathtaking landscape deserves recognition: Andean peaks, tropical beaches, dense rain forests sitting 3,000 feet above sea level. Besides the allure of nature, the country’s major cities are experiencing a renaissance in food, art, and technology—and it’s one of the most affordable places for Americans to visit right now. Spanning metropolitan cities, small colonial-era towns, and remote ecosystems… make Colombia your next South American destination.” READ MORE


The Setting

The Rose Heart Temple is located near the beautiful small town of Santa Elena nestled high in the Andes mountains that surround Medellin, known as the City of Eternal Spring.  Medellin is Colombia’s most modern and most beautiful city, where high rises tower out of blankets of green forest below them and reach up the mountain sides. In Santa Elena we enjoy a tropical high montane cloud forest ecosystem with stunning biodiversity amid rugged mountain terrain with many wetlands, streams and creeks, a mystical cloud cover that can drift through the property at any time during the day, and lush native tropical vegetation. Local soils are rich with nutrients that local farmers enjoy for growing an abundance of tropical and local varieties of flowers, many of which are exported to international markets abroad.

Santa Elena is also the birthplace of the ornate flower arrangements called silletas that are the cornerstone of the Flower Festival or Feria de Las Flores in Medellin. They even make an appearance in the recent Disney film, Encanto!

With a beautiful warm and sunny climate during most days in dry season and cool mountain evenings, our land offers a wide variety of flora and fauna and an amazing array of wild tropical bird species. We are also located on the boundaries of the National Parque Arvi, an 28,000 acre protected natural reserve area with many hiking trails right out our back door

Santa Elena is a popular weekend destination for Medellin and offers a variety of artisan restaurants, cafes, spas, and a yoga dome. With its laid back rural villages, Santa Elena and the surrounding local pueblos are safe and friendly places to wander and the local Colombians are warm people eager to greet you with a neighborly “buenas!


“Santa Elena is a mountain village about 40 minutes from Medellin. It is in the semi-tropical ‘cloud forest’ so besides being an energy vortex, is naturally mystical and stunningly beautiful! The Rose Heart Temple overlooks the Medellin valley and provides tranquility unlike any I have experienced in my travels.”

Junia I., USA

Pricing for Awakening the Goddess Body Retreat

Retreat Only* ​(Without Lodging see below for info and lodging options*):

$3333* US plus lodging

EARLY BIRD $3033* Register with nonrefundable 40% deposit before deadline  PLUS LODGING* (price does not include lodging)

Price includes:

  • Retreat guidance from high priestess and master shamanic tantric healer, Elaine Marie Rose
  • Channeled high-frequency energy transmissions and activations from the Lady Ascended Masters and Divine Mother lineage
  • Daily yoga, meditation, and movement practices
  • 2 healthy, vegetarian meals per day, filtered water, herbal tea and beverages
  • Daily activities and processes that support the transformative journey into personal magnificence
  • Sacred sister community building
  • 2 Private group ceremonies: A traditional rebirthing South American temescal and a shamanic cacao ceremony
  • Guided priestess ceremonies and alchemical spiritual processes
  • Roundtrip group transportation to and from José María Córdova International Airport to The Rose Heart Temple Center

Price does NOT include:

  • International airfare to/from home city to Medellin’s José María Córdova International Airport
  • Transport between Medellin and the Rose Heart Temple outside designated group transport times
  • Lodging
  • Any accommodation/meal arrangements outside the Finca Lemuria
  • Other meals and beverages not noted
  • Gratuities
  • Miscellaneous expenses (i.e. phone calls, laundry, personal expenses, shopping)
  • Optional activities and excursions
  • Personal healing/spa sessions
  • Travel and Trip Cancellation Insurance (HIGHLY recommended)


We are serving two healthy vegetarian meals each day spaced later in the day to encourage intermittent fasting as a part of the body’s purification process. We highly recommend not eating after the early evening meal, but this is optional. You will need to provide your own food if you choose not to fast for the third meal.





Meet our fabulous chefs and master food alchemists Martin Baguala and Macarena Musiquera, owners of Baguala Catering, who will delight you with their exquisite, healthy Andean inspired vegetarian cuisine!

“We are Baguala and we bring the flavors of Northern Argentina to your table. We cook with the certainty that food is life. Our beloved Latin America is full of colors and hope that has taught us that the harvest of the land must be treated with care as it is the elixir to the palates of the world. We bring the Andean flavor of the mountain range where we were born and we promise to accompany each awakening day with the sensual wonder of eating healthy and delicious meals. We look for the colors of the rainbow in our dishes and the smile of each face of this living America. We turn this magic into delicious recipes that fill the belly with love and warmth. Our gift of cuisine is at the service of this new humanity.”





Pricing for Lodging Options


Shared Dormitory Style Bedroom in the Finca (max 2 people) single bed with shared private bathroom

$325 per person (double occupancy room)

GLAMPING Lodging Options

Our finca has limited Glamping Lodging options available on the property.  These options are provided on a first come/first serve basis, so get your reservation in early.  








HUTS 1-4 Share a Community Bathroom with flush toilets and hot showers!


















$275 per person (double occupancy only)


$275 per person (double occupancy only)




Additional off-site lodging options are available. On-site lodging in recommended and available on a first come first serve basis.






To register:

  • 40% non-refundable deposit 
  • Include:
    • EMAIL
    • 1st & 2nd Choices for LODGING


  1. Minimum of 6 people required
  2. Spaces are limited to a maximum of 12 participants
  3. 40% non-refundable deposit due at registration; 100% due on or before deadline

Travel to Colombia

A valid passport is required for entry into the country. Colombia offers a no hassle visa upon arrival procedure and there is no pre-entry requirement to receive a 90 day tourist visa. You will fly into the José María Córdova International Airport which is the second largest and most modern airport in Colombia. Roundtrip group shuttle transportation to and from the airport to the Rose Heart Temple are provided and included in the retreat price for your convenience. 

The Journey

This process is an exploration into openness and receptivity, awareness and clarity. Your guides offer suggestions and empowerment to recognise inner dynamics that may be hindering your emotional and soul expression, inviting fresh choices and interactions.

Will you join us?

Your interest in participating in this retreat reflects your ability to sense the profound potential that this sacred time of inner work and healing may reveal. It shows that you are already becoming attuned to your own wisdom and richness of life experiences, therefore are ready to free your own resources, and expand your ability to live fully your joy, love, freedom and creative vitality.


Spaces are limited so reserve your spot today.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions! We are happy to answer them for you.  Please don’t hesitate to ask.

To register and reserve your spot email Elaine Marie at [email protected] or contact Elaine Marie via WhatsApp at +1 303 328 7368

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