Shamanic Medicine Journey in Colombia

Shamanic Medicine Retreats 

at the Rose Heart Temple in Santa Elena, Colombia

Personal Retreats to Uncover Your Inner Mastery and Power

Finding Our Way Home

Our indoctrination into material culture has disconnected us from the depths of embodied connection to spirit. 

Many spiritual practices seek to expand consciousness up and away from the body, but the feminine path of awakening is through the wisdom of the body and nature. 

We call this the path of divine embodiment as we learn to become our inner beloved. 

The body’s elemental intelligence is part of the natural realms and holds the key to understanding this true access portal of infinite consciousness and wisdom.  

Reconnecting to Life

The shamanic and indigenous traditions have always been the keepers of this ancient pathway. Their inherent devotional link to the natural and elemental kingdoms give them direct access to many levels of dimensional reality that are harmonic with the frequency of elemental natural love. 

On our human soul journey we have been indoctrinated into frequencies of ancestral and collective fear for many eons. We must embark on a heroic quest to travel fearlessly into the unknown territory of the heart to find our way back to the true realms of life that live beyond the mundane mind. 

The wisdom of the heart is where we reclaim our divine inheritance of life and personal power as mastery. 

We Are Called to be the Co-Creators of a New Earth

The dissolution of the divisive rational way of seeing and responding is necessary to awaken into the frequencies of New Earth and become conscious creators. 

 We cannot find the geometries of harmonic light that birth unified realities of peace and abundance through the mind.  

These illusive unconscious survival programs are the underpinning of separation consciousness and suffering. 

Humanity must learn to create from the unity fields to create the harmonics of New Earth. 

This begins by learning how to create your own balanced unity field as an energetic architecture of light as your foundation of personal power and mastery.

A New Way of Being

The dissolution of the survival and fear based biological programs that create rigid mind constructs and unconscious reactiveness are crucial to enter a space of true connection with self and with others. This new aligned personal energy architecture results in expanded power and more harmonic creations. 

The original shamanic blueprints for healing and transcendence were born in the Lemurian cultures that lived in a state of oneness and harmony with the natural and elemental realms. 

The water, land, air, fire, animals, minerals and plants have existed as silent  stewards of the great creation and are calling humanity to rejoin into the original contract of co-creation that was intended.


These astoundingly intelligent plant medicine teachers clear the path to the heart by releasing the control and fear of the mind.

Various shamanic plant medicines and ceremonies are available depending on your personal needs. Recommendations will be made during your free discovery call.


Your Personal Retreat Experience

Come to visit the Santa Elena Rose Heart Temple and immerse yourself in this ancient Earth-keeper wisdom. We will craft the perfect personal experience for you to reconnect to your own inherent energy architecture of brilliance and light. 


Retreat Possibilities

  • Guided Plant Medicine Experiences 

  • Personal Ascension & Mastery Mentorship

  • Shamanic Healing Ceremonies and Sessions

  • Glamping Immersed In Blissful & Healing Nature 

  • Healthy Meal Plans Available

  • Immersion in the High Dimensional Elemental Goddess Vortex on our Land

  •  Colombian Culture and Traditional Medicine Ceremonies

The Setting

Welcome to the Goddess Vortex of the Rose Heart Temple

Sitting at 8500 ft. in the mystical Andean cloud forest you can come to reconnect at the most profound levels with the Earth-keepers lineage. Using shamanic ceremony, plant medicine and deep immersion into the portal of light at the Rose Heart Temple, you will undertake a voyage to reclaim your fearless heart as divine wisdom and power. 

We are all called forward to claim our ancient gifts and divine power and bring our unique offerings and gifts into the world.

Here is a place to dive deep into the shadows of your own biological fear programming that holds you back from stepping into this fearless love and power. 


Your Guides

Elaine Marie Rose is an ancient starseed Lemurian Shamaness and High Priestess who has held her soul embodiment journey with Gaia-Earth for countless cycles. With her Beloved Galactic Shaman partner, Dr. Tristan Jacobsen, an offering for the ultimate Fearless Heart Quest is available for those who are dedicated to rising into true embodied leadership as Co-Creators of the New Earth. 


Elaine Marie Rose is a High Priestess of the Rose lineage, intuitive empath, master shamanic tantric healer, Language of Light sacred sound alchemist, teacher, guide, artist and writer. Her goal is to assist and guide you in making and strengthening your own sacred connection with the Knowing Self Within that is inherently and eternally WHOLE!.

Elaine Marie’s Sacred Lineage

As an ancient Lemurian soul she has returned in this time of planetary ascension to embody the Divine Mother Goddess archetypal energies of her Higher Self.  As a lineage holder of the Magdalene and the Mary Path, and a High Priestess of the ancient Rose Sisterhood, she shares her innate wisdom of the feminine divine via the mysteries of sacred sexuality, shamanic healing and body awakening and through her deep experiential knowledge of modern ascension science. She has trained directly with the Ascended Masters, Archangels and other Ascended Beings as a high initiate and adept of the spiritual ascension process and now turns to be of service as a wayshower for others to follow the path of deep remembering. She is a the author of Awakening Sacred Union Between the Divine Feminine and Masculine: Becoming the Beloved Rose, available here on Amazon and is a contributing author to the book Modern Ascension: Stories from the Spiritual Paths of High Initiates by Friesen Press


Dr. Tristan Jacobsen is an ancient Pleiadian/Arcturian Starseed and Master Healer who volunteered during this pivotal ascension era to assist and guide others on the journey to evolve to higher consciousness. Tristan is an intuitive empath, and has spent many decades of commitment to inner healing work. He has extensive experience working as a healer in both 3D clinical and 5D quantum energetic settings.

Tristan practiced as a pharmacist in the United States for over 10 years, however due to unhealed trauma and addiction he was forced to surrender his license to practice. Through his own personal addiction recovery and healing journey he became a substance abuse counselor, and helped guide many people to their own sobriety.

Tristan has worked as a professional psychic and spiritual healer for over three decades, and has led thousands of spiritual readings in his lifetime. His intuition allows him to see others with high accuracy and he is a gifted clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient. He is a direct Source channel, a medium, and also practices hypnosis and regression sessions.

Tristan uses his intuitive gifts to help others uncover and unlock their natural gifts, and to find their life and destiny path and highest soul potentials and talents. He is a transformational shadow worker, compassionately guiding others through their deepest shadows safely while honoring the individual’s personal growth possibilities.

As a double scorpion, Blue Resonant Eagle, Gene Key 44 (service) Tristan’s commitment to serve others is always evident in his work. Through a lifetime of work serving and assisting others on their spiritual healing journeys, Tristan has a rare breadth of experience, encouragement and exuberance. His excitement in working with others is always evident and inspiring. He has amassed a network of powerful healer allies all over earth, and enjoys working collaboratively towards full earth ascension.

He is in sacred union with Elaine Marie Rose, and living at the Goddess vortex on the Rose Heart Temple land in Santa Elena, Colombia has elevated Tristan’s consciousness to new heights. Together they envision, co-create and inspire a healthy, spiritually-centered, emotionally and mentally balanced vision of life and service. They InJoy a full, rich, complete, fun, magical, devoted, productive, intimate life together in sacred partnership.


The Great Mother Wisdom

Divine Love is a power and a force. It is the core frequency of creation. 

This is the wisdom kingdom of the great Mother Creatrix. Here is where our human embodiment journeys begin and here is where they end. 

The Great Mother holds the mysteries to life and the mysteries of death and rebirth. These are the ancient Feminine Sophia teachings. 

To create a New Earth we must relearn the ways of Love and Life at the Great Mother’s knee. 



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“Coming to your retreat will now always be considered a milestone in my life. I came with the goal that I wanted to put it all out there, and I have to say I have no regrets in that regard. I feel like I dug really deep and overturned some stones that I had previously been afraid to touch. I just feel different overall.  I notice that I am much more open and much less fearful of so many things. I brought that fierce image of Kali home with me, I carry her in me now.
I feel more determined than ever to push forward on my path. Your retreat and the experiences you offered us were SO powerful. I am in absolute awe of the breadth of your knowledge and found myself mesmerized by the way you are able to express it. You truly embody a Goddess in my opinion!”
Gabrielle, USA
This was a once in a lifetime experience. I felt so much magic and guidance on this retreat and spent a lot of time with myself, inward. I was among a very small intimate group that made the experience so special. I have never experienced anything like this before. We had the most beautiful house to stay in, fresh healthy food cooked for us each day, and so many new physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual practices to work with in order to grow closer to our divine feminine authenticity that is within each and everyone of us.
I continue to use the practices we’ve learned to grow closer to my higher self and break through old trauma so that I can create the life i’ve always dreamed of. I am eternally grateful I landed on this retreat and for Elaine Marie for holding such a divine space. Thank you so much Elaine Marie. This has imprinted me for life!”
Stacey, USA


“The Tantric Yoga, breathwork and sexual healing practices that Elaine Marie shared with me opened my physical body’s energy pathways and helped me to reexamine and question my limiting beliefs and behaviors. The shift with these practices was almost instantaneous and it was profound. The transformation has been non-stop.

The lessons started to present themselves one after another. It’s as if I was in this whirlwind of energy that was taking me from one new level of awareness to another. I felt a very palpable disentanglement of the fear, which gave me the courage to proceed with what I was being called to do.”

Gurpreet, USA

“Loving, Gentle, and POWERFUL! My time with Elaine Marie, changed the way I view the world and my possibilities in it. The guided meditations enhanced my ability to connect with my inner wisdom and introduced me to my guides. Other processes we experienced moved old energy blocks that had held much sadness for me.

I returned MUCH lighter energetically and happier over all! Of course Elaine Marie’s gentle guidance during yoga and loving understanding of my challenges to do yoga and assistance to find a more workable but still effective way of utilizing the poses was much appreciated! The information classes were very interesting food for thought. I came away with great mantras, and other tools to clear my mind, heart and soul. Thank you.”

Diane, USA

“My time with Elaine Marie is a time to dignify my life. A time where I am able to explore the possibilities inherent in this continuous exchange between the deepest part of my being and the outer world in which I live.

The practices ask me how I neutralize what is polarized in my life, how I stand and support myself on the earth and receive its gifts, and how I learn from pain and mistakes. I am more aware of how I give and receive love and how I can really be thankful for everything that I receive in life.”

Claudia, Colombia

“Elaine Marie helped me to remember the essentials. That these practices raise and balance our vibrations, She taught that the whole environment of practice must be in a beautiful and harmonious vibration. Elaine Marie is not only an adorable being, she is a teacher who delivers her essence in each moment and connects you with your own.
I feel the internal and vibrational energy working! Thank you for your great dedication, patience and love that you deliver!!! Today I have a different feeling for practice, I want it to be part of my life. Practice transforms, it transforms you little by little without hardly realizing it.”
Carolina, Colombia
“With the practices with Elaine Marie I quickly felt physically stronger and healthier. Mentally I am calmer, more patient and more open. I could never have done this without your guidance Elaine! It is a blessing for me to have had the opportunity to reinforce faith and balance in myself with your help ! I can’t thank you enough.
These regular practices give me support and holding, as well as sensitiveness in the flows, which always leave me feeling more nourished and at peace than before the practice. Practice reminds me how to go on living the right way by being in union with the world, but mostly with myself. I received so much that right now I’m excited to share my experience with others, so they can have the same joy as I have now. Namaste Elaine Marie!”
Isabel, Switzerland

“Elaine Marie Rose’s presence and guidance was gentle and loving. My experience of the yoga and all the guided experiences and teachings changed my way of seeing life and being in the world. Elaine Marie is knowledgeable and she shared her way of wisdom and mastery with love , grace, knowledge and compassion.

She created an interesting and beautiful experience. I walked away with a connection to my body and a desire to treat myself and my life with a new respect and a lot of self-love. Thank you , Elaine Marie Rose”

Diane, USA

“The retreat was powerful and intense and did more than just awaken my goddess body! Don’t miss out if you want to amp up your transformation. I am grateful that my Goddess warrior emerged!!! During the retreat, I asked for a quantum leap in my evolution. A word of warning, be careful what you ask for!”

Junia, USA

“I really appreciated the retreat, it was perfect for me! I appreciate Elaine Marie for opening space and keeping the integrity of the work clean and pure. Elaine Marie was knowledgeable and practices the processes she teaches. She is passionate about her work and it shows the level of time, dedication and preparation.”

Rocio, USA

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