Shamanic Rose Priestess Apprenticeship

Shamanic Rose Priestess Apprenticeship

The is Level Two in the ROSE HEART TEMPLE MYSTERY SCHOOL Shamanic Rose Priestess Adept Initiate Series.

Having adopted the basic principles of the Rose Priestess lineage taught in Level One, Shamanic Rose Priestess Immersion or the Awakening the Goddess Body Retreat, the initiate is now stepping forward with a dedication to maturing and continuing onto the the Rose Path of Adept Initiation. Here she is deepened into the mystery teachings of the Divine Feminine Wisdom.

The core focus of this level of training is deeply centered in the physical body and the embodiment practices to prepare the body to receive the mysteries of its full divine inheritance.

12 Sacred Wisdom Transmissions from Shamanic Rose High Priestess Elaine Marie Rose

Upon satisfactory completion each initiate will receive an ordination via the ROSE HEART TEMPLE MYSTERY SCHOOL as a Shamanic Rose Priestess.

The Apprenticeship is scheduled over a 12 month period once registration is completed.

Transmission One: Tantric Yoga for Ascension 

Transmission Two: The Magdalene HeartWomb

Transmission Three: Body Regeneration and ShaktFire Activation

Transmission Four: Birthing the Bliss Body

Transmission Five: The Voice of Goddess, Opening the Divine Resonator 

Transmission Six: Rosa Mystica Alchemy and Healing

Transmission Seven: Transmuting Ancient Sexual and Relational Distortions

Transmission Eight- Mastering Polarity as Inner Sacred Union

Transmission Nine: Egyptian Isis Temple Practice

Transmission Ten: Sacred Union Sacraments

Transmission Eleven: Ascension Demystified  

Transmission Twelve: Spirit of the Rose Ordination Ceremony 


A payment plan is available.

PREREQUISITE- Shamanic Rose Priestess Immersion or Awakening the Goddess Body Retreat


Shamanic Rose Priestess Testimonials

“Entering into this magickal intimate container with Rose Priestess Elaine Marie Rose was a whole hearted soul yes for me! My connection with the sacredness of The Rose Medicine and The Shamanic Priestess runs deep through my sacred flesh and blood so re-membering all the ways to strengthen my connection to my Sacred Rose Heart, Womb and remembering my rightful place within The Rose Priestess Lineage has been one of the most rewarding experiences!I cherish and am so eternally grateful of the way Elaine Marie has held and witnessed me throughout this entire process. This work that Elaine Marie has gifted to me and many other Divine Feminine Priestesses is powerful and pure!  The teachings are exquisite and the homework is deep. The reward is the deeper I go the higher I rise. The quantum jumps are extraordinary and I AM in awe of how this work has led me to further unconditionally love and honor all of my Humanity and Divinity!The Medicine of The Rose has gifted me the innerstanding that there truly are so many ways to Love one precious petal at a time. I strengthen this inner knowing when I envision my Sacred Rose becoming more fragrant, vibrant and blossoming bigger the more I acknowledge and embody those ways to love within my Higher Heart space. This work has held me as I shed, shift and sparkle!The following things have become my favorites while doing this work! I deliberately choose to live as impeccably as possible while riding the waves of death and rebirth with appreciation and excitement. I’m clearing and healing my karma while committing to my ascension full time and becoming my own Beloved! This has been such an extraordinary opportunity that I was also gifted the opportunity to do along side my Beloved Soulmate Sister who also felt called to do this work! Thank you Elaine Marie for honoring and holding my hands through this journey! AHO SISTER! I SEE YOU!”-Vanity Sabelnik, USA

“I have completed the Awakening the Goddess Body Retreat and Shamanic Rose Priestess Apprenticeship with Elaine Marie Rose where I have been initiated as a Shamanic Rose Priestess. I worked with Elaine Marie and now carry on practice on my own. I have been called over and over again to this path, from a young age, not knowing exactly what it was or how it would unfold. As a teen/younger adult I had been deeply curious as to why my romantic partnerships felt unhealthy, unfulfilling, and I felt shame and guilt for being in them and still feeling that they weren’t right for me. Where did these patterns stem from? I started to look inward to understand myself and my patterns better and was called to work with Elaine Marie the moment I met her and worked with her in a tantric workshop she hosted. I felt free. I felt my authenticity come through. I felt NEW. And this was simply after one 3-hour workshop. The amount of progress that I have made with cultivating healthy relationships and loving myself DEEPLY is impeccable with the tools that I have learned with Elaine Marie. Just the other day I felt myself craving attention, in unhealthy ways, which is a pattern I used to give so much energy to. I was able to shift that energy within myself with these tools and I didn’t have to feed that part of me in the way that I used to. It is liberating. I am constantly learning and feeling new challenges AND I feel that the work I’ve been doing with Elaine Marie is the most crucial work I’ve ever done in my life. I had always wanted healthy relationships and I set forward with that intention, and Elaine Marie showed up in my life. I am eternally grateful. This work is hard and important. It is crucial and freeing. I’ve been able to work with instant gratification to transform it into focusing on what will actually truly light up my whole being. THANK YOU

-Stacy Allen, USA



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